May 8, 2011


YOU CAN WATCH THE FIGHT IN THE LINK BELOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have fun and enjoy!

April 10, 2010

Suggestion: A cool site to get wallpapers!

So... yesterday I did a small remodelation in my computer and that included changing the wallpaper. Even though finding new wallpapers isn't a difficult thing, I still had a hard time finding decent ones, so I thought I'd share with you where I found the best wallpapers, some of which I saved so I could use (and I'm currently using one of them).

Anyway, the site is, and it's got some really cool stuff so you can customize your PC (I was tired of using the ones that came with mine, even though some of them were cool). My favourite ones are the abstract wallpapers, but in case you're into something else there are lots of wallpapers there and I'm sure you'll find some that you like.

And that's it, anytime I find out something the slightest bit interesting, or that someone in the world will care about, I'll let you people know so you can at least check it out! See you later, people!

April 8, 2010

The Bestest Blogs: Football Is The Bestest!

So even though this blog was awesome, and of course still is, I figured something was wrong with it: it's not about a single theme. A blog like this, a blog about everything, needs time to achieve great success, no matter how great it is. That's why I have created a fantastic project for all you folks!

To you, I present...

What? It looks crappy??? Shut up, no one even uses the word "crappy" anymore!!! This is a great idea! And why? Because The Bestest Blogs is a big collection of blogs, each one about it's own specific theme, which is an interest of mine. That's why you gotta check out the first little blog this project has created, which is...

... Football Is The Bestest!

If you like football, that blog is for you, because it's the bestest blog about football out there. In my kind of style... Ah, you'll know what I mean, just visit this link, or click here, here or even here (yeah, HERE!!!), to visit that amazing blog, a very important member of The Bestest Blogs projects!

Soon, a blog about boxing and a blog about the PlayStation 3 will be added to this epic saga. But don't think The Legendary Blog will be gone for good! I will keep posting here every now and then, when what I feel like writing doesn't fit any of the Bestest blogs! And this will always be my main blog, with all the big updates (like this one) and... um... stuff...

So just give it a visit and I hope you like it, alright?

March 20, 2010

Where can I watch Klitschko VS Chambers live?

Well, in case you're trying to watch a live stream of the Klitschko VS Chambers fight and you still can't find it, or the ones you find are full of publicity and stuff like that, I'm gonna tell you where I'm going to watch it. It seems to be a high quality stream, works very well and the image is good. Just check this URL:

Have fun and enjoy the fight!

Later today I will give you the links so you can watch Klitschko VS Chambers!

Hey, sorry I haven't been posting much but the thing is I'm not getting as many visitors as expected so it's still not the right time to post a lot of content, as few people will read it. For now I'm just gonna post every now and then, and hope time gives The Legendary Blog a bit more popularity, then I promise I'm gonna get this thing going at full speed!
Anyway, because so far most of my visitors are interested in boxing, even though, as I've said many times, this blog is about lots of things and not just boxing, and because I had huge success telling you people where to watch Pacquiao VS Clottey, I'm posting just to inform you that later today I will be here to tell you where to watch the heavyweight fight Wladimir Klitschko VS Eddie Chambers! So don't forget to visit later on when the fight starts if you still don't know where to watch it, ok?
Thank you very much and keep visiting, because I really need you guys to get this thing going as the Greatest Blog of All Time! Oh, and if you also have a blog I want you to know I'm up for link exchange! Just comment here so we can trade links, alright?